Sirdar Spinning Ltd.

Sirdar Spinning Ltd.
Packaging and Distribution
Project Description

The Job

When Sirdar reviewed their 15-year old packaging process, it was decided that their ‘wool bagger’ machine neither met current safety standards nor production volume needs and it was best described as a ‘bottleneck’. They turned to Engineered Solutions for help.

The Solution

Processing knitting wool, which is a natural product, requires sympathetic handling so that it reaches its destination in optimum condition whether this is to warehouses or retail operations in far flung corners of the earth. There are few companies who would be able to address this problem and be able to come up with some practical solutions. There were a variety of issues which included pressure to the product, the type of packaging materials, the picking process to get it to the machinery in the first place and the machinery required to deal with the process. The final result was a spend of around £140,000. However amortised over 5 years coupled with the alleviation of the pressure point, flexibility with the packaging materials and a straight through feed to a direct loading bay, this solution had hidden paybacks which were revealed as Engineered Solutions’ experts thoroughly reviewed the process to come up with a financially viable solution.

The Result

After visiting some of our European plants and considering a number of alternatives, one of our German engineering plants was allocated the work and a new packing, distribution operation was formed which was hugely quicker, vastly safer and provided a much easier range of branding options within the packaging. At the same time Engineered Solutions designed bright chromium plated display stands for sales and exhibition work to complete the assignment and produce a solution that would be operational for the long term. We also designed some special trolleys to transport the packs of wool. Sirdar now has a faster and safer packaging and materials handling process leading to a more efficient and thus more profitable process.
Project Details
ClientSirdar Spinning Ltd.
DateJuly 2005