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Industrial doors
Project Description

The Job

On a Northern port industrial estate, one of the tenants was troubled by the ingress of dust, largely generated from other activities and reclamation works being carried out in the area. The cheapest solution was to install a PVC strip door but the only apparent place to hang it was on the outside of the building where not only would it be subjected to the possibility of vandalism, it would be exposed to high winds and open conditions 24/7. The customer turned to Engineered Solutions for help and solution.

The Solution

The difficulty with a PVC strip door on external applications, particularly with modern buildings, is either a sliding door in the way of where you want to hang the curtains is preventing the installation or no obvious place from which to construct supporting metal work. Often the spans are substantial and it requires a degree of design work, much of which has to be carried out on site, at height. Engineered Solutions approached this situation in only one possible way to do this work and that was to survey the building and take highly accurate details of the intended installation. Our engineers’ first task was to locate suitable anchor points as a place somewhere internally to suspend or fix materials, invariably these would be the main columns of the building. Next task was to assess the spans involved, model it and drew in the steelwork.

The Result

Our engineers always like to be there on the day of the installation to assist our installers and to ensure all goes well. With this particular job there were sliding sections and an order of works where the installation team found it helpful and considerably quicker to be in dialogue with the designer for a smooth, fast and very tidy precision installation. In fact the fit was so precise that there was no need to put side returns on the door. JML Group now have a PVC strip door that meets their individual warehouse and materials handling restrictions and needs.
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