Interflex Group Ltd.

Interflex Group Ltd.
Project Description

The Job

The normal method of storage of print cylinders that are extremely expensive and very vulnerable to damage is specially fabricated and very expensive rack manufactured from structural sections, largely sheet metal, angles and box sections. When Interflex were faced with the problem of storing these production items for a multi million pound investment in a print packaging line, they turned to Engineered Solutions for a compact solution to the problem in both space and price terms.

The Solution

Structural sections required cutting, punching, welding, dressing and finishing by hand. They had a high proportion of components which potentially made them a solution where no other alternatives existed. The whole process required full mathematical calculations and material analytics carried out to full precision. Engineered Solutions adapted pallet racking (normally designed to take vertical loading) into the cantilever format, resulting in using standard volume produced cold rolled sections and simply adding in a tubular support; simple, safe, easy to build and cheap.

The Result

A recurring theme in the work of a materials handling engineering is the ability to transfer one set of skills from one application or group of machinery to another and in this respect Engineered Solutions were able to achieve a practical result at a fraction of the cost. Interflex now have a storage solution that is purpose built for their needs, and they have gone on to equip a number of machines with this low cost solution and along with a high value machinery investment and low cost infrastructure support, they have continued to expand their business with the U.K. and Europe’s biggest food processors.
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ClientInterflex Group Ltd.