Avoid overloading with van storage systems

Vans in logistics

Logistics is an essential part of many businesses. This is why efficient and timely transportation is key to the overall productivity and success of a company. Sounds straightforward enough, but in reality, many companies that operate vans are putting themselves at risk, potentially disrupting the whole business.

If your van is overloaded, you are risking the possibility of reduced steering ability, increased stopping distance and chance of tipping over. Also, in the case of a crash, the insurance can be invalidated due to exceeded weight limits. This can lead to severe penalties and costs for the company.

Avoiding overloading

One way to avoid this is to ensure that you don’t breach weight limits. Also make sure that loads are secured properly and adequate storage solutions are provided.

One cause of overloaded vans is insufficient storage spaces in warehouses and company premises. Engineered Solutions are able to provide a full industrial storage solution. These include storage cabinets, drawers to heavy duty storage, and also everything in between. As always, we place a high emphasis on delivering customer focused services. Therefore, we provide 2D and 3D visualisations that allow our client to make any modifications throughout the planning process.

van storage systems

That’s not it, we not only provide storage solutions for your premises, but for vans as well. Our vehicle storage systems help your drivers better organise their vans and improve efficiency and safety. This has a positive impact on transportation costs, vehicle load and keeping tools organised.  Not to forget that this also ensures a valid van insurance and improved manoeuvrability.

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Our vehicle storage systems are available for different types of vans. These include: medium to large commercial vehicles, estate cars, lightweight and small panel vans. In addition, we fit van floors, linings and roof racks. We base everything on individual client’s needs. We also trust the high quality of our service. That’s why we provide a 10 – year guarantee to all our storage solutions.

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