You Can Now Rent Industrial Tents from Engineered Solutions!

Do you need some extra space for a short time? Extra storage due to seasonal demands? New office space or space for events? No matter what the reason is, you should consider renting a tent! Yes, you heard right- Engineered Solutions now offer industrial tents on a lease agreement, meaning that you do not have to purchase one, just rent industrial tents for as long as you need it.

rent industrial tents


What are industrial tents?

Let’s first be clear about what these all-functional tents are. An industrial tent is a free-standing independent structure. It’s made in a trapezoidal form with steel sheets. It is also covered with flexible flame-retardant PVC based skin with some daylight transparency. Pneumatic roofing prevents the tent from having snow heaps in winter and a condensation effect in summer, making climate control possible.

rent industrial tents

All tents are designed according to your needs and requirements, with different types of gates, doors, and lightings options. They also come with an ability to control climate, so can be suited to any needs. Engineered Solutions guarantee quality and a long-term lifespan on the tents we design and install, therefore we offer you a 10-year guarantee for the steel work.

rent industrial tents


Why is a tent an answer to your problems? 

Tents are low-cost and easy to install solutions. They do not require extensive foundation, and are attached to the ground with anchors and ratchet straps. The new tents can be built in less than a week. This particular feature makes them a perfect and fast solution for any purpose.

Due to the minimal groundwork, the tents can be quickly and easily dismantled. Relocation is not associated with any loss of value to the asset. They are also suitable for any climate and weather conditions. Our industrial tents are used all over Europe for many applications!

Renting a tent is a great solution for an event, extra storage during busy periods of the year, industrial warehouse spaces and many other purposes. Some of our clients even used them for classes, offices, and aircraft hangars!

If your unsure as to what type of tent you need and what work will work best for your business, call our engineer on 01661 853 198. We offer all types of industrial tents and building structures so are able to give you impartial advice on which type best suits your application. 

rent industrial tentsrent industrial tents