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We are a UK based mezzanine floors manufacturers, designers and installers. We deliver the full package to you, a high-quality service. We visit your site free of charge to make sure that the designs fit your needs and requirements. Previously we have built mezzanine floors for warehouses, storage systems, offices, shops and car parks to name just a few across the UK and abroad. Read our testimonials here.

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Mezzanine FloorsMezzanine FloorWe ensure that the mezzanines floors’ quality meets all regulations and is of the highest standard. All key factors are checked and consulted with the you, the client, in the designing phase: the overall purpose of mezzanine floor space, method of storing goods, frequency of usage and the mechanical handling equipment to be used.


Safety Standards & Building Regulations

We are mezzanine floors suppliers that operate under all Building Regulations and offer the best cost-quality ratio. With more than 25 years of expertise we have shown that correctly engineered projects are based on the client’s unique needs, this is why we never offer a second-hand mezzanine flooring.

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Safe, Suitable & Superior

Our secret to a safe, suitable and superior mezzanine floor installation is in the detail. We work with you at every stage – planning, designing, delivering and installing the mezzanine floor to ensure we get it right for you first time. We come to you site free of charge to discuss how you plan to use it and present you with the possibilities available to you, we then provide you with 3D mezzanine drawings to show you exactly what your mezzanine floor will look like on site before installing your new mezzanine floor.


How to Create the Perfect Mezzanine Floor Work Space

At the design phase there are a number of key issues which must be checked.

These are:-

1)  How do you intend to get goods on and off the mezzanine floor?

2)  How often are you going to be on the mezzanine floor?

3)  Are you ever going to want to use the mezzanine floor for anything else?

4)  How stable do you want the mezzanine floor to be?

5)  What operations do you intend to have going on beneath the mezzanine floor?

6)  What mechanical handling equipment do you intend to employ?

7)  Have you any idea of the cost of a lift and do you know how many other low cost alternatives there are which comply to Building Regulations?

8)  If you have not heard the term ‘access statement’ it is important.

9)  Foundations are a major consideration.

10)  There are several material handling, storage and distribution details which have a major impact upon the mezzanine floor design.  These are frequently the last decision when they should be the first consideration.

11)  If you think you are going to save money with second hand mezzanine flooring, think again.  You are unlikely to buy a properly calculated structure, it is an unregulated industrial sector, it is fraught with regulation problems and in 25 years I have never seen a corrrectly engineered second hand installation and most of them cost more than a new mezzanine floor.

12)  The secret to a successful, low cost mezzanine floor installation is to plan the application in every detail.  The delete button is mightier than the cheque book and the best way to do this is to have professional advice from the start.  It will always be cheaper for you in the long run.  We do 3D drawings to show you exactly how your mezzanine floor will look in situ.

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