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Engineered Solutions is the only UK based company offering a complete range of canopies, tents and building types to find the solutions to fulfill your individual business requirements.

As our industrial tents are not limited to industry, our clients have used our services for a number of purposes, from classrooms & offices, agriculture, industrial warehouse spaces & workshops to docks & harbour, military, medical field hospitals and aircraft hangers. We have engineered solutions that fit all applications, all climates and require minimal grounds work.

For the first time, we now offer these tents on a lease agreement as well as purchasing them outright, giving you a fast build, cheap and easy solution. Utilise your space to high quality, usable, undercover work & storage spaces! Our range of industrial buildings & tents are a low-cost, portable storage system. If you’re not sure which type will best fit your requirements and application then please call our engineer for impartial advice on 01661 853 198.

industrial buildingindustrial building


New site? Take it with you, we have more than 25 years of expertise in building and relocating industrial buildings and tents. Rapid to dismantle and rebuild. The applications of these buildings are limitless with the ability to control climate, meaning optimal storage is guaranteed.

industrial building
industrial buildingCreating space fast for you with no need for expensive foundations. So whether you need it temporarily for extra storage during your busy periods or you need it as a permanent warehouse due to rapid growth we can design and deliver to your specific requirements. We are proud of the quality and guarantee steel work for 10 years.Engineered Solutions are proud of the quality we provide, this is why we give our engineered buildings 6 years (cover) and 10 years (steel) guarantee, and offer these as a lease or outright purchase.

Call our engineer experts today on 01661 853 198 to arrange a free site visit or get more information on the concept of industrial buildings and tents, different structures available, foundations required, functionality, maintenance and costs.



industrial building

What is Industrial Buildings / Tents?

Industrial buildings / tents warehouses provide low-cost storage systems which are relocatable without loss of value to the asset. They may also be clad in any conventional material.

The basic concept of an industrial tent is a free standing independent structure to which a flexible flame-retardant PVC based skin is fixed and tensioned. Industrial tent warehouses, due to the construction, apply very little loading onto the ground, so they don’t require expensive foundations. Unlike modern steel framed buildings industrial tents can be fixed with ground anchors and ratchet straps for rapid deployment.

Our special range of Industrial tents can be manufactured to retract. They can structurally perform a range of functions from ‘lean to’ to small aircraft hangars and examples of these industrial tents are shown in our extensive gallery. You will see industrial tents being used to provide undercover storage space between buildings and  to provide sports halls. Our industrial tents are not limited to industry, they work well anywhere.

FeatureIndustrial MarqueesIndustrial TentsIndustrial Buildings
BuildRapid build 1-4 daysFast build 3-7 days3-4 weeks
Imposed ground loadsSuper light weightLight weightHeavy-duty
Life span of the buildingMedium/ long life spanLong lifespanLong lifespan
Storage and movabilityEasily stored and moved. Ideal for events, hire and short term rentalRetractable and movableImmovable
Foundation requirementsFirm groundSmall strip/ slab foundationBlock foundations
InsulationInsulation availableInsulation available With modified build planSingle skin and insulation up to 150mm or more as needed
Service load (lighting, services, operational facilities)Low/ medium service loadMedium service loadHigh service load
EavesUp to 6m eavesUp to 8m eavesUp to 14m eaves
SpanUp to 20m spanUp to 25m spanUp to 40m span
Upkeep/ maintenanceCan be expensive to repair. Low to mediumZero to low costLow cost, high value industrial space. Low for the first 10-15 years

Read about the buildings we have built for previous customers here on our portfolio page.



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