3 Top Tips to Maximize the Space You Have!

Every business faces a problem of lack of space once it starts growing. One of the possible solutions could be moving to a new bigger premises but it is a costly option requiring a lot of time and effort, often causing disruption to your operations. Another way to create more space is to optimise the space you already have, here are our 3 top tips:

1. Shelving units

They may all look the same but a better more efficient shelving system can really make the difference! Better shelving systems can allow you to fit much more into much less. All the shelving systems Engineered Solutions produce are made of high-quality materials, including metal and stainless steel. They are also completely flexible and adjustable to your needs. No worries there, you won’t have to purchase a new shelving system if your requirements change again in the future, simply adjust the one you already have. If you need help with space organisation call our engineer today who can visit your site free of charge and provide you with drawings to show you exactly how we can achieve more from your space, call on 01661 853 198.

how to maximise warehouse space

For one of our previous clients, Specials Laboratory, a contract pharmacist, we designed and manufactured a two-tier shelving system, which perfectly accommodated the pick, pack and sort operations. After its successful instalment we were asked to set up four more 2-tier operation systems in the two factory wings as they proved to be highly efficient. To have more room for storage we also installed a mezzanine floor in the remaining space of the factory, which leads us to the next point.

2. Mezzanine floors

how to maximise warehouse spaceWhen there is no space available on the ground, you might consider using the space above your head. A mezzanine floor is a great solution for maximising the space you have without a need to move to a new bigger place. For more information, please read our previous blog post.

3. Customised workbenches

Another, yet not so typical, solution to optimise your current space is to get new workbenches. The right workbenches will make your work more efficient, save space and please the employees. Made in different sizes and with the use of different materials new workbenches or workstations can make a real different to the performance of your company. The equipment you have is the core of your whole business, which is why it is essential to get this right. Engineered Solutions have created all kinds of workbenches for many different applications, for example, recently we have been working on a long-term project for the City of Glasgow College, designing bespoke benches for their new campus. If you would like to know what we did exactly, please follow this link.

how to maximise warehouse space

Are you ready to maximise the space of your factory? Then call us on 01661 853 198 to book a free visit now! We can help you optimise the space you have while trying to keep it as low-cost as possible.