Save Time & Money with High Speed Folding Doors

High Speed Folding Doors from Engineered Solutions

High speed folding doors enhance productivity, restrict contaminants & reduce energy costs.

Perhaps you run an operation that has high traffic areas where conventional doors would cause delays & impacting productivity? High speed folding doors prevent this from happening among preventing a variety of other problems.

Self-repairing panels

high speed folding doors

Our doors withstand wind speeds up to 130mph winds, depending on the material used to construct the
door. These fast roll doors can also self-repair, offering a solution if the wind does manage to blow the panels out of the tracks. There is also a risk of panels beings pushed out of the tracks when using forklifts near the doors. If this does happen and the panels are pulled out of their tracks while raising, the panels will re-align on their way back down.

Temperature Control & Ventilation

If you want to limit access to the building through the use of doors but still need air flow in order to maintain a suitable work environment then we can supply vinyl mesh panel doors. Temperature can also be difficult to maintain when people are constantly coming in and out of the building especially when the doors are manually opened and closed. Because of the high open/ close speed of the doors it is much easier to maintain temperature, saving you money on energy costs.At

high speed folding doorsMade to your specifications

At Engineered Solutions we can build any size door you require. The standard colour is light grey PVC however other colours are available on request. The PVC used is rip-proof using a double layer which is self-extinguishing to class 2. Our doors have an excellent seal against dust and strong winds and require minimal maintenance. If you would like an engineer to come out to your site free of charge to assess what would work best for your business call on 01661 853198.