Reach a New Level With Mezzanine Floors!

 Getting a Mezzanine Floor For Extra Storage Space

When your business expands you face a problem of moving to a new bigger premises. Whilst that is an obvious decision to make, it also comes at a high cost and takes a lot of time and effort. Which is why you should consider optimising the space you already have. “How?” you might ask, as there is literally no ground left to cover. Look up – that is where a mezzanine floor could be. Here you’ll find out what getting mezzanine floor for extra storage space is like.

Building a mezzanine floor basically means adding another floor to your site: it is an independent raised platform that is supported by steel columns. You could require more storage space or extra offices – mezzanine floor can be used in a variety of ways.

 Why use it?

  • Mezzanine floor responds to your growing demands
  • It allows you to stay in your current site without facing a hustle of moving
  • It is an efficient way of optimising your current space
  • Mezzanine floors are cost-effective and easy to install – your work will not be disrupted
  • They are also fully customised to your own needs, including the type of floor surface – you stay in control of the process



Saving the day

No one would want to imagine their factory burning down and having to start all over again. Unfortunately, a few years back that happened to one of Engineered Solutions’ clients Randstad Ltd., an automotive component supplier. When the company was faced with a problem (which seemed unsolvable at the time) of reconstructing 30 years of progress in a few months, they turned to Engineered Solutions for help. Working together with our client, we discussed their requirements and provided them with drawing of a proposed mezzanine floor.

Randstad were pleased with the efficient and space optimising design. Back then these were just drawings, nowadays we offer 3D visualisations to make sure our clients fully understand the idea. Due to efficient work and high quality, Randstad Ltd. chose Engineered Solutions to continue working with them and design a layout for their new premises, together with mezzanine floors and a flexible shelving system to respond to their growing demands. Since we also supplied pallet trucks, packing benches and some other machines, offering high standards in absolutely everything we do.


If you would like to know more, please visit our mezzanine floors projects page or call us on 01661 853 198 to book a free visit to your site. For our previous works check out our portfolio.