Forklift Attachments – Uses & benefits

Why use Forklift Attachments?

Forklift attachments are used regularly to move different loads within the workplace. Without them, it would be impossible to move certain loads. There are forklift attachments suitable for many different jobs and objects. These attachments make the job faster, safer and a lot less hassle. When you purchase a forklift attachment your operators will need additional training, for more information click here.

The forklift normally has two tynes moving vertically carrying pallets or loads from point A to B but a forklift can be used for so much more. We have a large range of forklift attachments to suit many different needs and jobs, take a look here to see the range. If you’re not sure which extension will work best or what exactly you need, feel free to speak to an advisor on 01661 853198.

Utilise what you already have!

Forklift attachments can turn your existing forklift truck into a multi-tasking tool box! Saving you huge sums of money as you don’t have to buy other specialist material handling equipment and supporting structures.

For example,

  • You can replace spreader beams with 4 fork forklift attachments which give a greater load stability for wide or long loads.
  • Brick grabs easily adapt to become forklift attachments.
  • Carpet poles and coil handling booms make storage and stock retrieval a simple task.

Effectively forklift attachments become cranes, jibs, access platforms, skips, long reach facilities and even snow ploughs and floor sweepers. We also design and build fork truck equipment and hydraulic forklift attachments to order. If you have a special requirement speak to an engineer on 01661 853198.  With a few simple, safe procedures you can triple the contribution a forklift truck makes with forklift attachments.

There are a number of benefits in using forklift attachments including decreasing:

  • Time taken to move a load from A to B
  • Man power
  • Employees hours (faster operations)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Reduce the chance of damaging stock when moving


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