Forklift Attachment Safety

How to use your forklift attachment safely.

When you use an attachment on your forklift, the center of gravity of the forklift will be affected and the load capacity will be reduced, making it less stable than it would be without an attachment. This is because you are putting extra weight on the front point of the forklift prior to picking up your load. Therefore, it is necessary to take even further care when using attachments and to drive as if the forklift was partially loaded, even prior to picking up the load. Here are some quick tips to help you out when using your forklift attachment

Quick checks before using a forklift attachment

  • The attachment must suit the truck you are fitting it to, and must be suitable for the load you want to lift.
  • Check that it is attached with a suitable locking device

Forklift attachment safety when working with people

  • Never pass the load over people
  • No passengers on the load or the bare forks
  • Lift workers only in an approved work platform
  • If the load is blocking your view use a spotter to guide you

Forklift driver safety

  • Keep it slow
  • Don’t turn or travel with a raised load to prevent it from tipping
  • Face your load uphill
  • Going down hill? Travel in reverse
  • Be careful of rear end swing

Forklift weekly checks

  • Check engine oil level
  • Audit transmission oil level
  • Analyse brake fluid level
  • Check cooling water level (when forklift is cool)
  • Audit hydraulic oil level and condition of hoses

Forklift parking

  • Engage parking brake
  • Make sure forks are lowered to floor
  • Mast upright, should be at a 90 angle to floor
  • Forks must not extend into aisle or walkway