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Engineered Solutions offer a wide variety of custom made workbenches, including wooden, steel, engineering and mobile workbenches to name a few.

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Over 20 years of experience has taught us that every business has different needs and requirements for their workbenches, we are very aware that there is nothing standard about your business. To this effect Engineered Solutions have huge resources and expertise providing custom made workbenches, such as adjustable height workbenches, heavy duty workbenches and portable workbenches. All of which are built to your company’s requirements.

custom made workbenches
custom made workbenchesEngineered Solutions always work in close collaboration with our clients to build the exact custom made workbenches they require. That is why we have worked on building everything from workbenches, workstations and packing benches to wooden workbenches for timber fashioning and carpentry. This equipment forms a focal point of your unique business, that is why we are also able to provide a range of supporting equipment designed to make these centres extremely efficient.

Custom made workbenches can be difficult to design, create, assemble and interface with the rest of your business. This is why Engineered Solutions provide design engineers and specialists to work with you to create the custom made workbenches that will help your business to excel and stay ahead of competition.

custom made workbenches


We are no stranger to the ‘impossible’ task, speak to an engineer today on 01661 853198 to arrange a free site visit or to get more information on prices and designs.

You can read about our previous projects, see how we helped Ethiopian Airlines with their custom made workbenches, and take a look at what our clients have to say about us here.


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