Stay Ahead of Your Game With Custom Built Workbenches!

Custom Built Workbenches

Workbenches are essential to many businesses. Although it may sound exaggerated, workbenches do indeed provide the basis for any kind of organisations. Likewise, they affect your company’s growth and efficiency. Thus, choosing the right workstations is vital!

custom built workbenches

Sometimes the ones available in stores and online  do not meet your requirements. This is because every business is different and has different needs. This is where custom built workbenches come in handy. They might be made of wood or steel, might be engineering benches or for computers, might be packing, mobile or heavy duty- and these are just to name a few! Do you require adjustable height or several materials to be used? Or maybe you are not sure what type of a workbench would be most suitable and what materials to use? Then this is the right time to speak to professionals who can custom build workbenches tailored specifically to you!

Customised workbenches

Engineered Solutions always work closely with their clients and have experience of designing and building any type of a workbench you might think of: from workstation to wooden workbenches for carpentry. This year, for example, we were busy advancing the education facilities in Glasgow!

City of Glasgow College is expanding its premises by two more brand-new campuses, designed to cater for 40,000 students. Made to support learning, the buildings include several laboratories that require specifically designed workbenches. Engineered Solutions offered efficient designs and provided the customer with the drawings of the benches. Achieving the certain criteria, was only possible by engaging multiple suppliers. Engineered Solutions took full design responsibility in our hands. From communicating with distributors to designing 40(!) different types of custom built workbenches.  And finally, we installed and levelled the benches on site.

How we solved it

This could have been a rather expensive order. However, Engineered Solutions did their best to cut down the prices. How did they do it? By altering the designs whenever possible to save the material, yet ensuring the best quality.

The workbenches required accurate and careful designs and building procedures. This was because of use of different materials. We also integrated them with extra items and components. Some were made of laminate panels with white speckled Trespa tops. We then installed them with chemically resistant sinks and quick release doors. Others were metal framed with wooden, laminate, Trespa and steel covering, integrated with vices and lockable cupboards.

custom built workbenchesSir Robert McAlpine, the building company in charge of the constructions, were pleased with Engineered Solutions designs and efficient work.

If you look for ways to enhance the working potential of your business, customised workbenches might be just what you need. Talk to one of our engineers on 01661 853 198 to book a free visit and discuss your requirements. Alternatively, look at our range of various workstations.


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