Wind Farm Manufacturer

Wind Farm Manufacturer
Project Description

The Job

For wind farm manufacturers a tower up to 40m long require shot blasting prior to paint treatment. These towers are fabricated sympathetically to production efficiency which means making ahead of requirement on occasion. If stored in bad weather the towers are a water magnet, which is an issue as they must be dry prior to shot blasting otherwise the water ‘welds’ the shot blast grit material together. This soon becomes productivity and storage issue when having to wait on bad weather meaning it was a regular occurrence to lose a shift. Add in winter months and a shift slides all too easily into a week or more. Engineered Solutions were asked to provide a storage solution to increase the efficiency.

The Solution

Engineered Solutions experts built a storage tunnel where the towers can wait and dry off prior to production. This keeps the water out of the shot blast chamber and doesn’t disrupt production. The 50m storage protrusion into valuable yard space can simply be curtailed by making the building retractable, which is what our engineers did. storage

The Result

The storage tunnel has increased the wind farm manufacturer’s output. As you can imagine, one of those towers weighs in pricey next to the building costs, so even production of one extra a week offers huge scales of economy and no more expensive shot blast clean outs. storage
Project Details
ClientWind Farm Manufacturer
DateSeptember 2013