The Store Room

The Store Room
Storage and Handling
Project Description

The Job

The Store Room required a stackable container that could be dropped on to the ground for loading up to 5 tonnes for light domestic and commercial storage operations. Engineered Solutions were asked to find a solution that was under £100,000, quicker than a 40 minute turn round time on site and could be easily delivered to driveways and inconsistent surfaces.

The Solution

Engineered Solutions professionals set about preparing a prototype to achieve the facilities required and brought this up to production specification with a design which was taken to one of our coach building engineering factories. With help of hydraulic specialists, Engineered Solutions devised a unit that could be towed by an S.U.V. vehicle, stacked in their own yard when not in use, or for storage access. It also could be offloaded or collected in around 10 minutes or less at a cost of around less than 25% of the initial figure provided. The equipment was designed and built, and trialled over the course of a year. A small batch of units were built and despatched to their Manchester operations which are used for street collections and storage. These systems can be customer operated, simply collected and stored without any further involvement by the supplier. Additional support was given for patent and design applications to protect the invention and after sales hydraulic maintenance support was arranged and implemented on a national basis for ongoing service for this simple, one man container collection and delivery operation.

The Result

The Store Room had a stackable container that could operate 5 times quicker than they had originally demanded and was around £25,000 cheaper than the original budget had set.
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