Forklift attachment
Project Description

The Job

Probably one of the most expensive items of plant to the average business is its forklift truck. However, knowing the cost is completely unrelated to understanding the complexity of the value of one of the most important innovations in materials handling that has transformed beyond all recognition our ability to remove cost and speed up production processes by unimaginable amounts. This same piece of equipment should be considered as the original ratchet set for a business. There has never been a better time to turn your forklift truck into the most creative toolbox you can have at your disposal for fractional investment into a forklift attachment. This was the background to a main London site seeking to improve the initiation process by which recycling could be encouraged and made simpler. Rework approached Engineered Solutions outlining a concept for forklift attachment to receive re-serviceable electrical items which may include cookers, computers, telephones, T.V.’s, microwaves etc. It had to be loaded by the general public but at the same time provide them with a degree of protection to prevent them falling from open sided platforms.

The Solution

Engineered Solutions response was to design a three sided forklift attachment platform with handrails to the three sides at the required 1100mm height and the ability to wheel on and off materials handling equipment, i.e. sack barrows or any appliances on wheels, so that they could be placed by the general public safely into the available space. Additionally, a set of plastic bins were supplied for receiving smaller appliances, such as mobile phones. These cages were mounted on fork boots to enable them to be handled by the site forklift trucks, so when full they were simply engaged with the platform, removed and replaced with an empty one. The cage had a safety chain fitted to the front in order to prevent equipment from falling. These cages were then taken off to a workshop where all the items were processed for use or reclamation/recycling.

The Result

It was a simple enough solution but still not available for purchase as a standard product and although twice the size of its nearest equivalent, a pedestrian access cage, it was still very much an economical purchase of forklift attachment on a pro-rata basis. Rework now have a forklift attachment that meets the specific demands of their business which was unavailable for them to purchase as standard. This has made their work more practical, efficient and safe.
Project Details
DateJuly 2012