Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police
Storage and Handling
Project Description

The Job

Containerisation plays a large part in the Engineered Solutions’ problem solving process, serving multiple roles in distribution, manufacturing and storage. With an array of supporting facilities and equipment, including specialised trolleys and mobile storage units, nesting and stacking facilities, labelling and colour identification, Russian doll storage and combination stacking facilities they really do form a vast central role within industry and commerce. That is why Northumbria Police came to Engineered Solutions with the request for a compact storage container that would allow them to carry life saving equipment in a proven, ready to use condition that is vital for emergency responses.

The Solution

Engineered Solutions came up with a thin, air tight, sealable storage container. These containers came with high visibility breakable locking pins so it was obvious when the equipment had been used at end of shift inspection. The inspector would immediately see when the yellow plastic pin seals had been dislodged and the seal broken so there was no need to consult with the officers as to what had or had not been used.

The Result

This not only saves time, it saves lives as it removes the human error element. The used box would then be returned to the stores to be replenished and new anti tamper pins inserted ready for the box to be re-issued. Northumbria Police now have an efficient, safe and secure storage container for their life saving equipment.
Project Details
ClientNorthumbria Police
DateFebruary 2007