City of Glasgow College

City of Glasgow College
Customised workbenches
Project Description

The Job

City of Glasgow College is regenerating their learning environment that will comprise of two campuses and be one of the largest Glasgow estate development in the college sector, catering 40,000 students and 1,200 staff. All the campus, from the landscape to wireless connections, has been designed to support the students’ learning process. Sir Robert McAlpine, one of the leading building and civil engineering companies in the UK, required certain build criteria for equipment, only achievable by deploying multiple plant types. No single source could meet the task as it required taking control of both design and build process across multiple sources, bringing everything as one solution to the site. For this reason Engineered Solutions experts were chosen to provide £390,000 worth of stock, including furniture, bespoke customised workbenches, storage systems and shelving.

The Solution

As Sir Robert McAlpine are extremely risks adverse, in the initial meeting our engineers covered all requirements and expectations for stock, design and budget to the finest detail. The workbenches required around 20 various designs for Riverside Campus and around another 20 for City Campus. The laboratory workbenches were originally quoted with metal frames but our engineers advised the client to choose frames constructed from laminate panels and white speckled Trespa tops. The customised workbenches were manufactured by one of our suppliers who provide bespoke benches, maintaining the highest quality and making them rather aesthetically pleasant. In addition, chemical resistant sinks, taps and quick release doors were integrated as well. The metal frame of customised workbenches were mainly constructed from box sections, ensuring a sturdy, durable finish. These benches had a range of different tops, laminate, wooden, Trespa, steel and some were integrated with vices and lockable cupboards. By collaborating with our designers and the trusted supplier of metal sheets, Engineered Solutions provided a large quantity of metal sheet cupboards with additional metal hat sections. It had made the cupboards less flimsy and stronger, without incurring any substantial costs. All the benches were custom designed in order to use all the allocated space, maximising the efficiency and reducing the overall costs. To ensure our client received exactly what they needed, they were provided with drawings and designs that had to be approved before being manufactured.

The Result

Engineered Solutions always ensure that the highest quality is maintained and clients’ expectations are met not only in the designing and manufacturing stages, but implementation as well. On the delivery day our engineers were present to help with details such as levelling the workbenches. Sir Robert McAlpine is the leading company in building and civil engineering industry, that is why they only expect the highest quality, safety and sustainability. The exceptional Engineered Solutions’ attention to all the details from the beginning to the very end have secured the company another project. City of Glasgow College requested Engineered Solutions Projects to design and fit bespoke draws for the existing teachers’ benches.
Project Details
ClientCity of Glasgow College
DateJune 2015