The Cylinder Service Centre Ltd.

The Cylinder Service Centre Ltd.
Industrial building
Project Description

The Job

The Cylinder Service Centre Ltd. operations had outgrown their current premises and the customer needed to build a new industrial building for their engineering works for which they acquired a new site. The site had an illegal settlement, public rights of way, underground services and a statutory highways prohibition in place preventing the development. The client turned to Engineered Solutions to help them resolve all these problems.

The Solution

Engineered Solutions assembled a project team who came together to deal specifically with the issues the client faced. The principal issues being a major traffic problem, preventing the change of use application being accepted by the local authority and quotations for the work, prior to our involvement, exceeding £1.5m which was way beyond the client’s expectations. Engineered Solutions managed to resolve these planning issues and the new industrial building designs and traffic plans were accepted by the local authority. Splitting the groundworks from the above ground building works, our specialists were able to half the cost of the shell and the industrial building foundations construction. We resolved an issue surrounding British Standards with relation to permissible deflections under wind loadings for buildings housing overhead lifting equipment. The engineering slab contained heavy duty ducting to allow services to be channelled directly to machines leaving the overhead space clear for lifting and work in process movements.

The Result

The new industrial building was more than twice the size of the existing industrial building with further expansion space into which further economical development would be easy. With the help of grants and design alternatives Engineered Solutions were able to produce a reduction in the original quotation of some £500,000 which meant the customer achieved the industrial building they desired below budget and with considerably more engineering. Engineered Solutions also installed a 16 tonne, a 10 tonne and two 5 tonne overhead electric travelling cranes and a mezzanine floor under which the offices were housed at further significant additional savings. Coupled with grant money the project was delivered ahead of expectations with several times more engineering included within smaller budget.
Project Details
ClientThe Cylinder Service Centre Ltd.
DateAugust 2008