Alnmaritec Ltd.

Alnmaritec Ltd.
Forklift truck
Project Description

The Job

Alnmaritec’s rapid expansion due to offshore wind farming meant they had to respond quickly to the requirements of the energy industry with a fifteen year commitment of the various energy providers to wind farming. This was a jet propelled growth curve which required some careful planning and cost management. It was more a case of ‘how to do what’ than ‘what to do’. Engineered Solutions were asked to analyse the company’s storage system and provide an improved layout and design.

The Solution

The entire process was mapped to understand where best to channel deliveries and how to separate consumables required within the operation from components to be fitted to the craft being constructed. By tackling the work in this way, it became apparent that each craft was becoming its own construction site requiring its own set of equipment and supplies and that central storage was not necessarily the best solution as it brought in a substantial element of double handling. The result of these investigations was that it wasn’t so much the storage system that was an issue, it was the method of truck mechanical handling between processes that was vital to the efficiency.

The Result

Engineered Solutions brought in one of the world’s leading design engineering companies on heavy duty narrow aisle fork truck and produced a four directional truck to provide them with a greater density of manufacturing space, a reduced dependency on remote storage and an enablement to focus production and fit out truck equipment at the point of use. We also produced a design for their warehouse and enabled a programme of high density manufacturing and construction. Alnmaritec received a bespoke truck solution that met their unique business and materials handling needs, saving them time and money.
Project Details
ClientAlnmaritec Ltd.
DateFebruary 2011