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A Guide to Toxic and Hazardous Chemical Storage

Toxic and hazardous both warn us of the substances that carry potential risk of harm. However, it is important that you know the difference to ensure proper chemical storage and safety in the workplace. Often, these terms are confused and used without actual consideration to their effects. A toxic substance is usually the one that […] Read more

Jul, 16, 2017



Avoid overloading with van storage systems

Vans in logistics Logistics is an essential part of many businesses. This is why efficient and timely transportation is key to the overall productivity and success of a company. Sounds straightforward enough, but in reality, many companies that operate vans are putting themselves at risk, potentially disrupting the whole business. If your van is overloaded, […] Read more

Made To Measure Industrial Storage Facility

New industrial storage facility to plan? No need to think, we’ll do that for you! When your business expands, you might require a new industrial storage facility. You can also redesign an already existing one to optimise the workspace. This lengthy and challenging process does not always go as planned. You would have to call […] Read more

Office furniture | Engineered Solutions

Any business needs an office. When it comes to purchasing office furniture, desks and chairs are the obvious necessities but let’s not forget about other useful and practical items!  Flip charts and noticeboards Most people like to ‘think on paper’: write things down, draw a mind map or make a set of connections. It is […] Read more

Sep, 15, 2015



Optimising Your Warehouse Layout Using 3 Questions

Now you want to get the best warehouse layout for your specific business. The aim in the design is to reduce the distance goods travel from the loading bay to their chosen storage area, reducing the need for manual handling. The best way to store items is to have the large items of stock with […] Read more