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Four Ways to Optimise Your Warehouse

Warehouses are a key component in manufacturing and distribution industries. To put it simply, an efficient warehouse should be financially lucrative. Today, we’ll be exploring a few methods which may help to optimise your manufacturing space. 1. Minimise Warehouse Downtime An optimal warehouse should act as a fast-moving, non-stop environment. The less downtime involved in […] Read more

Thinking of Buying a Second Hand Mezzanine Floor? Read This!

More and more companies are choosing to install mezzanine floors. The reason behind this is to provide them with that much needed extra space at a fraction of the cost of relocation. However, here has been a growing number of incidents over the past few years where workers have injured themselves on poorly installed floors. […] Read more

3 Top Tips to Maximize the Space You Have!

Every business faces a problem of lack of space once it starts growing. One of the possible solutions could be moving to a new bigger premises but it is a costly option requiring a lot of time and effort, often causing disruption to your operations. Another way to create more space is to optimise the […] Read more

Reach a New Level With Mezzanine Floors!

 Getting a Mezzanine Floor For Extra Storage Space When your business expands you face a problem of moving to a new bigger premises. Whilst that is an obvious decision to make, it also comes at a high cost and takes a lot of time and effort. Which is why you should consider optimising the space […] Read more


Do you want to save £500,000 on your new factory build?

Do you want to save £500,000 on your new factory build? Here at Engineered Solutions Projects we can help you get what you want at the price you want! Look at what we did for The Cylinder Service Center Ltd. The Job The client turned to Engineered Solutions because they had outgrown their current premises. Additionally, the […] Read more

Provision of safety barriers on a mezzanine floor

Problem Following a review of a risk assessment, an employer was concerned about the risk of falls from openings along the edge of a mezzanine floor when pallets were being placed and retrieved using a fork lift-truck. Removable metal bars and chains were placed across the openings when they were not in use. This relied […] Read more