A Guide to Toxic and Hazardous Chemical Storage

Toxic and hazardous both warn us of the substances that carry potential risk of harm. However, it is important that you know the difference to ensure proper chemical storage and safety in the workplace. Often, these terms are confused and used without actual consideration to their effects. A toxic substance is usually the one that […] Read more

Jul, 16, 2017



4 Tips to Keep the Warehouse Clean

As a place of work, it’s not only easy for a warehouse to quickly deteriorate into a disorganised mess, but also for it to become dirty and unhygienic. However, it doesn’t need to be that way, follow our four step guide and your warehouse should maintain its standards of being clean and pristine. 1. Create […] Read more


Four Ways to Optimise Your Warehouse

Warehouses are a key component in manufacturing and distribution industries. To put it simply, an efficient warehouse should be financially lucrative. Today, we’ll be exploring a few methods which may help to optimise your manufacturing space. 1. Minimise Warehouse Downtime An optimal warehouse should act as a fast-moving, non-stop environment. The less downtime involved in […] Read more

5 Pallet Racking Safety Solutions for a Hazard Free Warehouse

Pallet racking is an essential part of any warehouse and is the most efficient method of optimising storage space. By design, it is capable of bearing tons of equipment for long periods of time. However, such structures carry with them a risk of harm if managed incorrectly. To avoid accidents and ensure your pallet racking is […] Read more

Jun, 14, 2017



4 Ways Forklift Attachments Save Your Money

Carefully chosen forklift attachments can be saving you a lot of money and this is in no way an exaggeration. Whilst it might be easier to stick to what you already know and what your drivers are used to, trust us when we say ‘change can be good’! And in this case, ‘good’ comes in […] Read more

New Warehouse? Need Shelving & Racking? Here’s your 4 Point Plan

Moving to a new business premises? Looking to incorporate new warehouse facilities? You may be starting from scratch with new racking or looking at a warehouse redesign. You have a blank canvas so let’s keep it simple – planning your new warehouse storage should be easy. Due to the importance of planning new warehouse shelving properly and […] Read more

Save Time & Money with High Speed Folding Doors

High Speed Folding Doors from Engineered Solutions High speed folding doors enhance productivity, restrict contaminants & reduce energy costs. Perhaps you run an operation that has high traffic areas where conventional doors would cause delays & impacting productivity? High speed folding doors prevent this from happening among preventing a variety of other problems. Self-repairing panels Our doors withstand […] Read more

Avoid overloading with van storage systems

Vans in logistics Logistics is an essential part of many businesses. This is why efficient and timely transportation is key to the overall productivity and success of a company. Sounds straightforward enough, but in reality, many companies that operate vans are putting themselves at risk, potentially disrupting the whole business. If your van is overloaded, […] Read more

You Can Now Rent Industrial Tents from Engineered Solutions!

Do you need some extra space for a short time? Extra storage due to seasonal demands? New office space or space for events? No matter what the reason is, you should consider renting a tent! Yes, you heard right- Engineered Solutions now offer industrial tents on a lease agreement, meaning that you do not have […] Read more

Made To Measure Industrial Storage Facility

New industrial storage facility to plan? No need to think, we’ll do that for you! When your business expands, you might require a new industrial storage facility. You can also redesign an already existing one to optimise the workspace. This lengthy and challenging process does not always go as planned. You would have to call […] Read more

On Your Bike! Bike Storage Facilities.

Cycle to Work More and more people are commuting to work on their bikes, the number of people cycling to work rose by 10% in 2014. More and more companies are now moving to accommodate the growing number of cyclists by implementing the cycle to work scheme. It’s the perfect way to get exercise into your […] Read more

Do You Want Your Manufacturing to be as Efficient as Toyota’s?

To improve productivity, efficiency and quality in the workplace, you need a standardised approach in order to get consistent results. If you’re familiar with lean manufacturing you may be familiar with the lean 5 S approach adopted by Toyota. The 5 ‘S’s are Seiri (tidiness), Seiton (orderliness), Seiso (cleanliness), Seiketsu (standardization) and Shitsuke (sustaining). Each […] Read more

Stay Ahead of Your Game With Custom Built Workbenches!

Custom Built Workbenches Workbenches are essential to many businesses. Although it may sound exaggerated, workbenches do indeed provide the basis for any kind of organisations. Likewise, they affect your company’s growth and efficiency. Thus, choosing the right workstations is vital! Sometimes the ones available in stores and online  do not meet your requirements. This is […] Read more

Thinking of Buying a Second Hand Mezzanine Floor? Read This!

More and more companies are choosing to install mezzanine floors. The reason behind this is to provide them with that much needed extra space at a fraction of the cost of relocation. However, here has been a growing number of incidents over the past few years where workers have injured themselves on poorly installed floors. […] Read more

Keep it clean and tidy – Cleaning equipment| Engineered Solutions

Bins and vacuum cleaners are not the only items of industrial cleaning equipment that you would ever need. There is a lot to add to list! Check if you have all these essentials: Bins Yes, we know, you already have bins in your office/warehouse. But let’s contribute to the environment’s healthy look and choose to […] Read more

Office furniture | Engineered Solutions

Any business needs an office. When it comes to purchasing office furniture, desks and chairs are the obvious necessities but let’s not forget about other useful and practical items!  Flip charts and noticeboards Most people like to ‘think on paper’: write things down, draw a mind map or make a set of connections. It is […] Read more

Sep, 15, 2015



Safety & Protective Equipment

Safety & Protective Equipment: Work in a secure environment! Whether you have a factory, a warehouse or a laboratory, safety is key! Let’s keep your work running smoothly. Whilst it is easy to remember to have a first aid kit, many forget about other highly important safety items. Scroll through to see if you need […] Read more

Sep, 08, 2015



3 Top Tips to Maximize the Space You Have!

Every business faces a problem of lack of space once it starts growing. One of the possible solutions could be moving to a new bigger premises but it is a costly option requiring a lot of time and effort, often causing disruption to your operations. Another way to create more space is to optimise the […] Read more

Atlas Copco saves £12,000 with Engineered Solutions – Industrial Tent.

Job Atlas Copco needed to expand their factory space in order to keep up with the increasing demands of their business. They rang Engineered Solutions enquiring on how to go about expanding their current factory. In order to provide Atlas Copco with the best solution, Paul, our engineer, went to their site free of charge. […] Read more


Reach a New Level With Mezzanine Floors!

 Getting a Mezzanine Floor For Extra Storage Space When your business expands you face a problem of moving to a new bigger premises. Whilst that is an obvious decision to make, it also comes at a high cost and takes a lot of time and effort. Which is why you should consider optimising the space […] Read more


Optimising Your Warehouse Layout Using 3 Questions

Now you want to get the best warehouse layout for your specific business. The aim in the design is to reduce the distance goods travel from the loading bay to their chosen storage area, reducing the need for manual handling. The best way to store items is to have the large items of stock with […] Read more

Forklift Attachment Safety

How to use your forklift attachment safely. When you use an attachment on your forklift, the center of gravity of the forklift will be affected and the load capacity will be reduced, making it less stable than it would be without an attachment. This is because you are putting extra weight on the front point […] Read more

Forklift Attachments – Uses & benefits

Why use Forklift Attachments? Forklift attachments are used regularly to move different loads within the workplace. Without them, it would be impossible to move certain loads. There are forklift attachments suitable for many different jobs and objects. These attachments make the job faster, safer and a lot less hassle. When you purchase a forklift attachment […] Read more

Going Green, Made Easy!

A growing concern for businesses is the negative impact they are having on the environment. As a business owner you are not only responsible for your contribution to land fill and damage to the environment but also the impact employees are having. Recycling can be made easy with just a few small changes to your office. […] Read more


Engineered Solutions Provide Your Conveyor Solution

Conveyor Solutions Looking for a specific type of conveyor? We have the right solutions for you! We are a one-stop material handling equipment shop for conveyors of all types. Whether you are looking for flexible or telescopic conveyor or any other type, you are in the right place! When you have a conveyor, it allows […] Read more

Do you want to save £500,000 on your new factory build?

Do you want to save £500,000 on your new factory build? Here at Engineered Solutions Projects we can help you get what you want at the price you want! Look at what we did for The Cylinder Service Center Ltd. The Job The client turned to Engineered Solutions because they had outgrown their current premises. Additionally, the […] Read more

Provision of safety barriers on a mezzanine floor

Problem Following a review of a risk assessment, an employer was concerned about the risk of falls from openings along the edge of a mezzanine floor when pallets were being placed and retrieved using a fork lift-truck. Removable metal bars and chains were placed across the openings when they were not in use. This relied […] Read more