4 Ways Forklift Attachments Save Your Money

Carefully chosen forklift attachments can be saving you a lot of money and this is in no way an exaggeration. Whilst it might be easier to stick to what you already know and what your drivers are used to, trust us when we say ‘change can be good’! And in this case, ‘good’ comes in numerous forms.

1. Fuel Savings

With specialist forklift attachment less number of movements is required to lift and move a single load, thus resulting in maximised fuel efficiency. A good example would be side shifters that allow a carriage to shift left and right, thus saving time and fuel on extra manoeuvres needed to lift a load.

2. Increased Productivity and Time Efficiency

Forklift attachments have a power of increasing productivity and reducing time spent on a single task. With a plentiful of different attachments available it is much easier to handle all sorts of various loads from plain pallets to cylindrical objects and rolls. You might want to use a hook, a brick grab or a drum clamp for unpalletised loads that would otherwise take a much longer (and more dangerous) time to lift and handle.

3. Less stress

How would you feel if you had to lift a roll of carpeting without any extra attachments? Annoyed because it keeps rolling down and you have to pick it up again? Stressed because you’ve got a ton of other things to move and you are wasting your time? Afraid that it might fall onto someone and injure one of your colleagues? Good stress never hurts but in this scenario it can only lead to wasted time, reduced productivity and employee’s desire to leave work as soon as possible and never come back. Specialised attachments on the other hand boost employees confidence in themselves and the work they are doing and make them feel a lot less stressed as the process goes fast and smooth.

4. Better Safety

Working at height exposes employees to a lot of risk but carefully chosen forklift attachments can dramatically reduce it. And here the previous point fits in nicely – using specialist attachments for different loads is a much safer way to handle equipment. Nothing will be falling over and injuring employees.

Every company is always looking for ways of saving money and increasing profits, but doing it at a cost of employees health should never be an option. If your employees have to do regular maintenance check-ups at height get a safety cage, don’t let them stand on a pallet. It is good until somebody falls and injures themselves. All forklift attachments are made with safety in mind and if used properly reduce any risks to a minimum.

Convinced yet?

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